I removed Disqus and Google Search from my site today. The reason is quite simple - I rarely got any comments on Disqus, and I prefer to keep my site as static as possible. Now, I don’t run any Javascript. I don’t have Analytics, Tag manager, or any other form of client-side or server side code executing. The web is a crazy place these days, where every move is tracked, but I don’t care to do that. I know it sounds crazy not to run analytics, but I’m over it. My blog has occasionally been popular (I was Slashdotted, back when that meant something), but watching numbers gets old. I don’t derive any value from metrics, so why bother, especially when I’m giving that data to Google.

The same goes for Disqus. I was letting that company track users across my site, for no real purpose. In this age of Facebook, no one comments on small personal blogs, and that’s fine.

I might eventually move away from Github hosting and put this site on my own server, which will give me server analytics. For now, though, I like the zero friction (free!) hosting and ease of updating the site, so I’ll keep it here. If Github ever starts injecting Javascript, or pulling any other shenanigans, I can easily move this simple HTML/CSS based site over to another server.

When you browse through my site (or not), nothing is tracking you. View source or inspect if you don’t believe me.

If you really want to get in touch with me, send me an email. It’s at the bottom of every page.