I built a UWP App!

08 February 2017

I’ve been learning the Universal Windows Platform for the past few weeks. This is all part of my new year’s resolution to learn new stuff.

How I secure my IoT devices

03 January 2017

I thought a quick post on securing IoT devices might be useful to some people. The security of the Internet of Things is a hot topic these days, and it’s something you have to think about before adding the latest little gadget to your home network.

A New Year to Learn New Stuff

03 January 2017

It’s 2017 now, and it’s a new year. I’m looking forward to this year - there’s lots to do, and lots to learn. At work, I’m going to be working on the kinds of projects you only get when two giant companies merge. Some of these projects are completely sui generis, and I’m excited to do stuff that’s entirely new.

The Perfect Umbraco Development Workflow for Azure

21 November 2016

I’ve spent a month using Umbraco now, and I really like it. I’ve used it to build a website for a small business. The extensibility is the best part, along with the ability to edit the project in Visual Studio. Adding custom controllers is easy, and I’ve built a few to do stuff like contact forms, generate blog lists, validate user input, and so on.

Why I removed Google Search and Disqus Comments

27 October 2016

I removed Disqus and Google Search from my site today. The reason is quite simple - I rarely got any comments on Disqus, and I prefer to keep my site as static as possible. Now, I don’t run any Javascript. I don’t have Analytics, Tag manager, or any other form of client-side or server side code executing. The web is a crazy place these days, where every move is tracked, but I don’t care to do that. I know it sounds crazy not to run analytics, but I’m over it. My blog has occasionally been popular (I was Slashdotted, back when that meant something), but watching numbers gets old. I don’t derive any value from metrics, so why bother, especially when I’m giving that data to Google.

Umbraco as a Service

26 October 2016

I tried out Umbraco’s new Cloud service. It’s an interesting delivery mechanism, and I can see the potential in it. The starter package is only ~$28 a month (25 Euro), and that gets you everything you need to host your site. You still need to buy a domain name and an SSL cert (SSL is optional, but I wouldn’t run anything but a static HTML site without SSL), but it’s a matter of minutes from signing up to a functional Umbraco installation. This price includes Umbraco Forms, as well as a subscription to Umbraco TV. This is pretty good value.

Trying out Umbraco

12 October 2016

This is my first try with a .NET CMS at home - I have used SDL Tridion extensively, but that’s really not something I’d use at home!

Using Jekyll on Windows

13 April 2016

Installing Jekyll using Chocolatey

Storing Tweets in Azure with a console app running in the cloud

21 December 2015

A tutorial on how to write a console app that stores millions of tweets in Azure.

New Site on Jekyll!

24 November 2015

So I moved my site to Jekyll. Dealing with the hassles of Wordpress was getting on my nerves. MySQL crashed every once in a while, and keeping Wordpress updated can be painful.